I’m Back, For Good

20 Days is a long break so I decided to write this post. It’s been a while since I updated on this blog so I wanted to tell you a story. I planned to write a follow-up post in the Balitaktakan story and the awarding, a day later but I missed the chance.

It should be about the winners of the online press conference I joined. I won 8th Place in “Pagsulat ng Balitang Pampalakasan” (Sports Writing Filipino). It was my first Online Press Conference and first time writing in Tagalog medium.

Out of 21 registrants, only 11 passed articles and all had a spot in Top 11 ranked winners. I grabbed the 8th place. I made a quick write-up 8 days ago about the Pacquiao vs Spence/Ugas bout so I won’t miss out in the month of August.

You can read it after this post. Just click the link “Previous Post”.

Back-to-back Breaks

Yes, I’m back for good. I got sick. I don’t know what happened to me. Guys, take care of yourselves. Be safe always.

As much as I wanted to write on those times, I really didn’t have the strength. My body was weak. Those were the days I thought I could continue anymore. But here I am. So I want to keep up on these posts.

This was not my first time going through a long break from posting. I did this a couple times ago. But it’s all good. I can assure you that blog posts will be filling up in my WordPress Feed in the coming days or weeks. I suddenly remembered my quota. (100 Blog Posts in 2021)

Classes started 3 days ago. Would this be hard? Will I keep up with school works and blogging? Yes and yes. I promised to myself I won’t do the mistakes I did like last time. I will try to write blogs and finish my requirements on time.

Responsibility or Time Management? Both actually. I need to improve in both cases. Managing your time wisely and being responsible. Got it.

This is my 71st blog post and 2nd in the month of August. Again, I’ll keep up on posts. I still got 11 days to make more than that.

It feels good to be back. – Karol

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Writer, Blogger, Campus Journalist

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