My Thoughts on Pacquiao-Spence and Ugas, a case of classic bait and switch?

I was surprised that Spence withdrawed from his bout with Manny Pacquiao. The way they quickly switched Yordenis Ugas as his opponent was a sneaky move. Here’s my thoughts on the fight.

As a fan, I was hyped and excited but I still am in tye upcoming championship bout. We have waited for months for this fight and now it’s all going to waste. Although Ugas is picked for replacement. The news was told to the public and all is shocked saying these posts were fake and they are spreading misinformation.

Me too. I thought it was fake and I almost unfollowed the Facebook Page because of the comments saying that they did unfollow it. I quickly searched through Google about the news and sadly, it was true. No more Pacquiao vs Spence bout guys.

All there is left is Pacquiao vs Ugas, and thank God for that. Sad news. Bad news. But do you know what bothers me? I saw it coming. I knew it all along and I didn’t say anything.

Reports says Spence was found with a torn retina and is needed to go through surgery immediately. But why just now? Why did they announce it days before the fight. I have been casually scrolling through Manny Pacquiao’s Facebook Page and reading his timeline about his “real” fight with Spence.

It is full with posts of their teasers and announcements. Spence took Twitter to say his part that their fight is gone and says he will be back. “Hold on that belt for me a bit longer”.

Photo Courtesy of Manny Pacquiao/Facebook

You know what? We all saw it coming although Pacquiao-Spence fight did, but this Ugas guy was behind the fight all along. I don’t know if this theory makes sense but I will try to write it down with understandable content.

What if Ugas was the real opponent they wanted to fight with Manny all along and Spence was just a cover-up fighter? Don’t get me wrong, Spence is actually a good guy. He gives Chadwick Boseman vibes. My speculations are nowhere near true but it’s so funny.

Torn retina, broken hearts

They took Pacquiao’s belt then declared him a “champion-in-recess”, then give it to Ugas. Pacman signs with Paradigm, then gets in trouble. He gets sued and accused with breach of contract. When he still has a fight left with PBC. McGregor was a probable next fighter but loss against Poirier earlier this year.

Ryan Garcia then makes false posts with a fight with Manny. Then there’s Errol Spence Jr. A fight is gonna happen. All are set. Press Conference is aired. Then days before the match, boom! Pacquiao-Spence is gone. Torn retina, broken hearts. Our hearts!

I think Pacman chose Ugas to be a replacement but here’s where the theory comes in. Is this a dirty case of classic bait and switch? Is Yordenis Ugas the mastermind? Lol, of course not. Maybe it’s just a coincidence and it just so happened that Spence was injured and luckily Ugas is there.

Pacquiao even thanked Ugas that he saved the fight, and he did. What a guy. What a fight. What a lie. At the end of the day a fight will still be given to us. We should be thankful. Let us just all pray for Errol Spence Jr.’s quick recovery and career.

Spence’s career is at risk. A lot of boxers go through this problem but it’s a rare thing to happen. I hope Spence is okay and Pacquiao-Spence II will happen eventually after.

All I can say is Ugas is a lucky guy and we must accept the fight will be different. This is the Pacquiao’s chance to reclaim his belt and show to the world who the real champion is.

My advice? Don’t believe everything on the internet too fast. Do research and find a reliable source of News. Don’t get fooled too easily. Misinformation is all over social media, so be aware. This post shows that anyone can and will be fooled by conspiracies and theories. With that being said, Pacquiao-Ugas is not a set-up. Yordenis Ugas was brought in for replacement because the show must go on. Myth debunked?

What do you think? Give your thoughts on the comments and I’ll reply. Hey, I’m back after almost a week. New posts coming up.

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