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The Karol Mabazza Blog was established on the year of 2020. It moved to different domains and platforms until it finally published on January 31, 2021 at WordPress.

It’s first page was made with Blogger.com, the site is now archived and no longer active. Some of the earlier articles were reposted here on the new and official blog.

The Blog also extended it’s coverage and had a Medium counterpart, where the same articles and blog posts are published, although not all are posted. The most latest updates are still exclusive in this website and only found here on the main page.

A Facebook Page is also dedicated for the blog and is currently being managed. A seperate page is also made for updates and is used as an experiment website for the blog.

This website is Karol Jozef Mabazza’s personal blog, he is a writer and campus journalist who writes about his life through blogging on WordPress. He covers news, sports and random shenanigans.

The Karol Mabazza Blog started as his boredom destroyer. The site’s tagline “Stories That Matter”, is embedded on his articles and blog posts. His JOURNey, is the inspiration for his continuous exploration on the field of Journalism.

The Founder

Hi! I am Karol Jozef Z. Mabazza, 15 years old, a writer and now blogger. I live in Tuguegarao City, Cagayan, Philippines. I am currently studying at the University of Saint Louis Tuguegarao.

I found interest in writing, after joining Press Conferences. I am a Campus Journalist who covers Sports and News. Now joining Blogging my mission is to help, write and inform in my little way. I write about my thoughts and opinions.

I am now in my third year of High School and have written numerous articles, essays and poems. I joined WordPress to enhance my skills in writing and communicating online.

My Blog is about my experiences, writing journey, random posts and news. I will also be featuring newsworthy stuffs I will find in the internet. I am currently a Sports Editor at The Premier Gazette, the Online Publication of The Premier Point Conference. I am also an active member of the Blue and White, the Student Publication of USL Junior High Department. Read more about: My Story

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