OPCs are the new normal for campus journalism

One day to go before the awarding of Isports Balitaktakan: Online Press Conference 2021. I am so excited for tomorrow and at the same time, very much nervous.

Why you ask? It’s my first time competing online in a press conference. I said that from my previous posts, why am I writing that again? Never mind.

Since my RSPC journey back in 2017, I only had the chance to join my first Division Press Conference last year. That’s a long two years. But don’t get me wrong. I have tried my best to get into the contest. I just haven’t got the chance to be drafted.

I still have three more years in High School. That’s three more chances to join. In the next school year, I will be a 10th grader. Then, hopefully I will graduate. After that boom! Senior High School.

Thank you internet. Thank you Facebook. Thank you Lord.

Because of the pandemic, most activities now are done online. May that be a meeting, class and competition. Last year, I thought the school year would never push through. I lost focus in my studies because of isolation.

I found joy in blogging with WordPress and started to gain my strength. I maintained my content and wrote whenever I wanted to.

This post is not about my blog or my studies. This is just for Online Press Conferences. An own article for campus journalism in the new normal.

Here’s my certificate of participation given by Balitaktakan:

Because of joining Balitaktakan, I met a fellow participant who is a frequent writer in most OPCs I found in Facebook. Let’s just say “The Writer” is a veteran in the field.

The Writer is a Sports and Feature Writer. Also a Poet who won numerous contests as seen on her Facebook account. And because of that I felt behind haha.

I don’t know. I just feel guilty because I didn’t join the NCPO. Maybe next season I can. I didn’t know OPCs were popular during 2020. I only know a single workshop and that was local.

But now I do. I know more pages that operates press conferences and writecons. I want to compete more and learn more. I think that’s it. Come back tomorrow for an update of the awarding.

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Writer, Blogger, Campus Journalist

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