Here’s a story from Isports Balitaktakan 2021

I uploaded 2 Sports Articles two days ago.

1. Rodrigo del Rosario – The Filipino Strongman

2. Hidilyn Diaz’s Championship Victory in Tokyo 2020

Before that, I took a 5-day-long break from posting. Maybe I got lazy or I was just not into writing those days. Besides, I competed in my first Online Press Conference in Balitaktakan.

I just want to update you all in what happened in the event. Here’s that story.

July 23, I woke up and prepared for the online contest. Around 10 am the facilitator sent us the guidelines for writing, fact sheet and links for us to view (live blog and YouTube video). Guess what was the sport. (Clue: DS)

Did you guessed it? It is a new sport for me to report. Other than Sumo, which is the most uncommon topic we get. Sumo was actually my winning sport. Back in 2017, I also competed in the RSPC at Roxas City, Isabela. They made us to write about a Sumo tournament. Not a single fight, but a whole tournament from elimination to finals.

Okay I think I need to reveal it now. We wrote a DanceSport Competition. Yup, DANCING! You would have guessed?

It was my first time covering a sport like that and it motivated me to make more of those. It got me linked to try other topics than common sports.

I also got the chance to be included in a small writeshop group. I got to make friends with other sports writers and journalists in the competition.

I have a fellow participant who actually joined numerous Online Press Conferences in just 2 years.

I got to admit the OPC grew popularity in 2020 because of the pandemic. Thanks to technology we got the chance to continue competing.

The Awarding will be done in July 31. Two more days to go. Top 10 writers will be recognized and awarded. The headlines and lead of the winners will be posted in social media.

Thank you Balitaktakan Online Press Conference for the opportunity! Thank you for my readers. Your support means a lot to me.

Published by Karol Jozef Mabazza

Writer, Blogger, Campus Journalist

2 thoughts on “Here’s a story from Isports Balitaktakan 2021

  1. Thank you for making me proud and I had to make my own acct here in wordpress to be your follower too, son. Just to be a booster, a real stage momma. Haha. Love you always. Please take it lightly, when the results come “manalo o matalo andito pa din kami” your liyal supporters, and I will be your number fan as always.

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