Empowering a Man with a Pen

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I am officially on WordPress. Welcome to my blog. If you want to join me go through this journey, consider following me.

In this website, you can find published posts about my Journey in Writing. I want to share what I do and build my fort I envision it to be. It can also strengthen my skills in writing.

I do this as a hobby, but now I want to prove that I can do more to help, inform and inspire others. As I go through the world of writing and journalism, I learn more and get to be a better writer.

Doing this is hard but empowering. This is a great opportunity for me. Joining WordPress is life-changing for me. Now I have a reason to continue what I want. This is a dream turned to reality.

What I’m Building:

For me Blogging is a way to share your life, culture, works, experiences and your world as a whole. So with my goal to be a great writer, I want to build something I always want, A Media Company.

This will be all true in the future. #LawOfAttraction

A short message from me:

As of February 19, 2021, we are doing great progress! I have over 552 total site views and 101 Visitors. Thank you.

Sharing a quote I will always remember.

The hand empowers the pen, and the pen empowers the man.


This is a powerful statement I have been reflecting to everytime. I’m sure you can learn from it as I do. It inspires me to write more and helps me do better.

Published by Karol Jozef Mabazza

Writer, Blogger, Campus Journalist

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