The Written Journey

Chronicles of a Tuguegaraoeño. Blog 1

My Campus Journalism Journey 2017-2020.

How did I got into writing?


The year was 2017, I was just a fifth grade Elementary student when I joined the first Press Conference of my School, without any knowledge about journalism. I joined the workshop to learn the basics. I picked Sports Writing English, I mean why not?

We were watching a Boxing Match of Manny Pacquiao for us to cover and write an article about. I was sitting at the back row of the room, I can also remember I was the last one to pass my article.

A day later, I was recognized as the First Placer and a qualifier for the Division Schools Press Conference. I was really happy to win. I joined the DSPC but unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get a spot.

A year later, I joined again. I competed at the 2018 Division Schools Press Conference for Cataggaman Elementary School. Won 2nd Place in Sports Writing and 6th Place in News Writing both English Category.

Got qualified for Sports Writing at the Regional Schools Press Conference at Roxas City, Isabela. I won 5th Place and had a Journey I will live with, forever.

2018 Regional Schools Press Conference held at Roxas City, Isabela

High School

I haven’t joined any Press Conferences in my High School JOURNey yet, but I’m sure I will be back. I am just waiting for my chance.

I was lucky enough to be a part of the The Blue and White, the official Publication of University of Saint Louis Junior High School Department. I was given the chance to represent my School for the 2020 Division Online Writeshop in Campus Journalism.

We were lectured by Professor Ben Domingo via MS Teams. I was surprised he can still remember me from Elementary, he even noticed me. I joined in Sports Writing Secondary English and was part of the Final Seven.

Disclaimer: My name is not “Joy” it is “Jozef”.

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