Presenting: Premier Gazette

Journalism is all I talk about and Sports Writing is all I do. 5 years of Campus Journalism, that is almost 1/3 of my whole life (I’m 15). I have done it all, won a competition, became a writer, a news writer, a sports writer, but I never thought about being a Sports Editor.

Here’s what I have been busy doing doing these past days.

I present to you all, Premier Gazette! The online publication of The Premier Point Conference. Where anyone can pass and submit their articles to be posted in our Facebook Page. And I am part of the Editorial Board.

As the only Sports Writer in the group (I think), I will write the stories related to sports and post it on our page. The Premier Gazette was founded last September 9/10, 2021.

We promise you fearless views and noteworthy news. We actually have many events planned. So I’ll keep you updated on that.

The Premier Point Conference started it’s events and competitions last week. Check out their Facebook page to see the information about it. The organization’s name was changed from the previous name The Prime Point Conference.

What I expect as a Sports Editor

Premier Gazette/Facebook

To be honest, I didn’t know I was qualified for the position. I only took a chance for it because it’s already there and I just needed got to grab the opportunity. Why would I let it pass? So here we are, at the start of my Editorship. Whatever that means.

I think I will be writing more articles than usual for a publication. But I can’t write everyday, all day. I still have online classes and other responsibilities, but I promise to do my part as an editor.

This is the first time I joined a position in a national organization. This publication is still in need of writers and contributors, anyone can pass, just send your article via Messenger.

I might propose to make a separate Facebook page for Sports articles of Premier Gazette. I’m thinking of a name like “Premier Sports”, sounds like a Sports Merchandise Company though.

So let the writing begin!

Visit the Premier Gazette Facebook Page


Organization: The Premier Point Conference

Published by Karol Jozef Mabazza

Writer, Blogger, Campus Journalist

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