Dealing with the Theme

I’ve been working on my website these past days. If you have noticed, the blog’s look have been changing ever since. I keep modifying and using the site’s theme and free plan to it’s advantage.

From my first post last January 31, until this very day I used the same WordPress Theme (Morden). Today, I will talk about the differences of WordPress in mobile and desktop.

A few days ago, I decided to use a computer to edit my homepage and practice using WordPress in desktop mode. I found so many hidden features that it has to offer that is not available in the mobile app.

It’s basically like finding a box full of treasure, and because I liked to edit my website using my cellphone, I didn’t knew this. Now I can add blocks that I can’t use in mobile.

I have to admit, my blog looks a little more professionally made, now that I used unique features. Now I know I don’t need to upgrade to a premium plan just so I can make my website more “real”.

It’s just the same. There I said it, it’s the same. No need to buy and pay thousands a year for hosting and domains. You can write in WordPress for free.

I can even make a website for someone right now. With a little bit of time and effort, you can start your blog running.

I still want to upgrade though, my current domain extension ( is just too long for me. Maybe there’s more premium content and better themes given on it, but I know the publishing features are the same.

How are they the same?

Well, WordPress mobile is the most basic to use because it is made for convenience. You can write anytime, anywhere.

It is also the one I used to publish my blog posts, 78 of them. In desktop, you can do the same thing like in the app. The only advantage of it is more usable features for writing and editing.

I would recommend using the app for short blogs and use a desktop to publish long-written blog posts and if you are using it for a brand to make use of it’s settings especially if you have an upgraded account.

New: About Page

The Karol Mabazza Blog was established on the year of 2020. It moved to different domains and platforms until it finally published on January 31, 2021 at WordPress.

It’s first page was made with, the site is now archived and no longer active. Some of the earlier articles were reposted here on the new and official blog.

The Blog also extended it’s coverage and had a Medium counterpart, where the same articles and blog posts are published, although not all are posted. The most latest updates are still exclusive in this website and only found here on the main page.

A Facebook Page is also dedicated for the blog and is currently being managed. A seperate page is also made for updates and is used as an experiment website for the blog.

This website is Karol Jozef Mabazza’s personal blog, he is a writer and campus journalist who writes about his life through blogging on WordPress. He covers news, sports and random shenanigans.

The Karol Mabazza Blog started as his boredom destroyer. The site’s tagline “Stories That Matter”, is embedded on his articles and blog posts. His JOURNey, is the inspiration for his continuous exploration on the field of Journalism.

Hi! I am Karol Jozef Z. Mabazza, 15 years old, a writer and now blogger. I live in Tuguegarao City, Cagayan, Philippines. I am currently studying at the University of Saint Louis Tuguegarao.

I found interest in writing, after joining Press Conferences. I am a Campus Journalist who covers Sports and News. Now joining Blogging my mission is to help, write and inform in my little way. I write about my thoughts and opinions.

I am now in my third year of High School and have written numerous articles, essays and poems. I joined WordPress to enhance my skills in writing and communicating online.

My Blog is about my experiences, writing journey, random posts and news. I will also be featuring newsworthy stuffs I will find in the internet.

I am currently a Sports Editor at The Premier Gazette, the Online Publication of The Premier Point Conference.

This post is the content of the newly revised “About Page” for the blog. I added a background of the story of how I created the site and it’s history.

The Pressure’s On

COLUMN – An advice to pressured students. Standpoint #1

These days, we students need to keep up with loads and loads of school works, responsibility and duty. In this pandemic you are privileged to study even if it’s limited and now online. Almost 26,308,875 learners have registered for school year 2021-2022.

“We are grateful to the parents of our learners who continue to put their trust and support in DepEd and for learning continuity amidst the pandemic,” the DepEd said in a statement.

Last month, September, President Rodrigo Duterte approved a pilot implementation of face-to-face classes for chosen schools and universities in the country.

The Philippines and Venezuela, are the only two countries who have not started opening schools during the pandemic.

How can students cope with a high expectation from parents, who are the ones who should support them. If, and only if I have friend who suffers from this pressure, I would advice him/her to not be trapped in their words.

No student should be in that situation. Although I have never thought of experiencing a scenario like that, I fell sad and locked up.

DOUBLE THE HEAT. Staring in a computer screen all-day bores and tires me, and I can only imagine the nightmare of students like me who at the same time have to be able to cope in a depressing situation.

As Oprah Winfrey once said, “Only surround yourself with people who will lift you higher.”

Giving direct support to students who experience peer pressure is must, an important part of friendship and plays a key role in good educational intellect. They might grow as a normal, extraordinary student rather.

This is not only happening in a single household if we are even talking about this topic.

UNDER PRESSURE, OVERTRIED. As a student myself, I can say I was an honored kid and Louisian. I was, and I think I will never be one again if I won’t be pressured. I think it’s a good thing at least for me. I’m not saying it’s good for all and during these trying times I take that back.

I am afraid of getting pressured again. My parents understand my situation. They know what I go through and support me in what I want and may do.

More students have and will experience this of we won’t do something about it.

It’s best to say that the majority of students have never experienced this. Usually, handling studies with the pressure is more stressful, of course we feel pain. We endure privately it like an ant bite, but carry it out to the public with bullet holes in our body.

I had this former classmate who was a Star. He was just like me, although he is much confident and undeniably super smart. I got to be friends with him.

Every time we would have an activity at school, he would be so conscious about his scores that it went to a point where he would compare his papers to our other classmates.

Until he realized that he was doing the wrong thing after all. I didn’t want to be rude, I just wanted to ask. So I did.

He told me that he cares about his grades when we all do. He told me that he needed to have high scores when others just wanted to. He told me that having a mistake means failure, when I had more errors but I was still happy.

He was telling the truth while executing a lie. Showing all his strength but receiving more than a stab in the back, while he barely had a scratch.

Studying is not about competition. It’s not a race, but a marathon. It’s much more than finishing with a medal on top of a 3 level podium.

Until he stated that his parents aren’t the reason for his suffering. It’s rather because of the sacrifice his parents had done for him to enter USL. It’s because of the money they pour in for his enrollment and studies. The tuition fee, it’s the money.

And if that’s not enough for him to do his best, he would feel disappointment from his parents.

All he wanted was to make his mother and father proud. To value their sacrifice and support. That’s all what I got from him. He still looks on to the day, that he would feel complete. That his mission would be finished.

I think Bruce Lee says it very well, “I’m not in this world to live up to your expectations and you’re not in this world to live up to mine”. We can change the system, we will end the chain. One column at a time.

Note To Self: Learn from mistakes

I have been observing the activity of my blog a couple of times and it shows a strange conclusion. I found out that even if I don’t post anything, instill get views. Well, I know because I have scattered my website all over social media.

I still get site visits and mostly, a few likes from past blog posts. But it’s a small amount.

Now I’m here to tell you all the things I should have done before here in my blog.

Note To Self: Don’t Delete a site page

I should have not deleted my original WordPress site. ( Yup, I had a previous page like a year ago. I deleted it because I don’t know what to do to it. I haven’t written a blog on there and I thought I can retrieve it, but actually I can’t.

And that brings us to this website (, where I post my blogs and share this stuff that you are reading at the moment.

Note To Self: Always Write

I should have wrote everytime I can so I can still be active (I am active, right?). This could have helped me to be in a clear mind.

But I always have a reason for that. I have been reading a book. I don’t know if I should continue to read it. I am planning to actually, because it has a second separate book/part.

I am now starting to take advises because I think it can benefit me. Reading more is one of them.

This is my last blog post for the month of September. And I just made 3 posts in the whole month so I’m looking forward to make up next month. I will boost my productivity so I can write more blogs.

And by that I conclude my statement, note to self: learn from mistakes.

Presenting: Premier Gazette

Journalism is all I talk about and Sports Writing is all I do. 5 years of Campus Journalism, that is almost 1/3 of my whole life (I’m 15). I have done it all, won a competition, became a writer, a news writer, a sports writer, but I never thought about being a Sports Editor.

Here’s what I have been busy doing doing these past days.

I present to you all, Premier Gazette! The online publication of The Premier Point Conference. Where anyone can pass and submit their articles to be posted in our Facebook Page. And I am part of the Editorial Board.

As the only Sports Writer in the group (I think), I will write the stories related to sports and post it on our page. The Premier Gazette was founded last September 9/10, 2021.

We promise you fearless views and noteworthy news. We actually have many events planned. So I’ll keep you updated on that.

The Premier Point Conference started it’s events and competitions last week. Check out their Facebook page to see the information about it. The organization’s name was changed from the previous name The Prime Point Conference.

What I expect as a Sports Editor

Premier Gazette/Facebook

To be honest, I didn’t know I was qualified for the position. I only took a chance for it because it’s already there and I just needed got to grab the opportunity. Why would I let it pass? So here we are, at the start of my Editorship. Whatever that means.

I think I will be writing more articles than usual for a publication. But I can’t write everyday, all day. I still have online classes and other responsibilities, but I promise to do my part as an editor.

This is the first time I joined a position in a national organization. This publication is still in need of writers and contributors, anyone can pass, just send your article via Messenger.

I might propose to make a separate Facebook page for Sports articles of Premier Gazette. I’m thinking of a name like “Premier Sports”, sounds like a Sports Merchandise Company though.

So let the writing begin!

Visit the Premier Gazette Facebook Page


Organization: The Premier Point Conference

Sorry for the inactivity

The only thing that bothers me is how I overthink stuff that don’t mean anything. I always have thought that this blog will be at rest this time because of the start of the school year.

So I will say this right now. I will not yet post everytime in this blog because I will be focusing on my studies. I promised that I won’t let my schedule be interrupted because I procrastinate everytime.

I will post, but not during school time or whenever I have work to do. I rarely post now that I have better things to do. As I said, I just made this site as a boredom destroyer and time passer last January.

Well, this is my second blog post this September. I will not give up on the challenge because it’s a promise. More content coming soon. Sorry for being inactive! – Karol

BERy Happy Months

Whenever I see girls and boys selling lanterns on the streets… I remember the child in the manger as He sleeps…

Ah yesss… Classic Jose Mari Chan and Christmas memes in the Ber Months. As I scroll through Facebook, all I see is Chan’s face peeping in posts. Even I couldn’t resist to post a TikTok video with the iconic song Christmas In Our Hearts in my Facebook Story.

We waited and now it’s here. The Ber Months fast approached, really really really fast. We still have classes but online, we can still feel the stress. Even if we don’t see each other personally, we still keep up with social media.

This post is exclusively for September 1 – the start of the Ber Months.

I don’t have any to say and write. I just felt the urge to post a blog hehe. I am really entertained with these memes for Christmas season haha. Do you too? I just hope in the coming holidays, we can give off an even more powerful Christmas spirit.

I think I’m just gonna continue this post tomorrow, September 2. To be continued.

I beg your pardon

I recently read a Column of AA Patawaran in Manila Bulletin. It inspired me to the point that I wanted to write this blog. Pardon my English.

AA Patawaran is a writer, newspaper editor, best-selling author and teacher. He wrote a book called Write Here Write Now. I really want to read it soon so I can learn more about writing.

Here’s what inspired this story: Pardon my English

Writing is beyond perfect grammar.

So I saw this post on Facebook by Manila Bulletin. They asked, can writing be taught. And I only have one answer, yes. Don’t doubt yourself, everyone can write.

You can write. It doesn’t matter if you have no proficiency in the English language you can write in Tagalog. Patawaran said, there is beauty in writing that is beyond grammar, beyond correct-tenses, beyond subject-verb agreement, or correct spelling.

I can relate to that. I started writing articles with no proper understanding of the field. I was 10 when I became a campus journalist at elementary. I found happiness through it. It was the first time I really appreciated myself and something.

I only gained confidence in writing pieces when I proved to myself that I am more than just a kid who loves words, but also someone who can play with words. Bend the rules, not break them.

I learned to be wise with words when I knew somebody will read actually read what I wrote.

Yes, writing can be taught. I don’t read a lot. I am not good at English. I explored until it lead me to writing – where I found out, was the only thing I am good at. Writing is beyond perfect grammar.

“If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: Read a lot and write a lot.”

An iconic quote by Stephen King. I don’t actually read that much. That’s why I will start to buy books for me to read. Starting with The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck by Mark Manson. I thought why not give it a try to be a bookworm rather than someone who reads stories from the internet.

I hope in the coming months I can buy more books, but I don’t have money lol. Tiis tiis muna. Pardon my English.

Dalawang Dekadang Giyera

Dalawang Dekadang Giyera (Original Composition)

Ni Karol Jozef Mabazza

Hingil sa kaalaman ng marami,
May mga taong nagsialis dahil sa pangaapi
Sitwasyon sa lugar na ang tanging mithiin lamang ay kapayapaan
Mas lumalaki

Bayang nilusob, kinubkob
Napasakamay muli
Ngalan nila’y bukambibig na simula pa
Dalawang dekadang giyera

Ito na nga ba ang katapusan
Para sa mga mamamayan ng Afghanistan?
Bata, matanda, lalaki man o babae
Karahasan na kanila’y nararanasan
Pwede pa bang matakasan?

Putok ng baril
Pagsabog ng bomba at mina
Kailan natin ito matitigil?
Inosenteng buhay ang nakasalalay
Sa dalawang dekadang giyera

Ngayon, kita mo na ba ang problema?
Nasabi ko na ang nangyari
Ngunit sapat na ba ito upang matigil ang mga pang-aapi?
Yan ang totoo, ngunit nabubulag lang tayo

Ang mensahe ay nakalakip na,
Ngunit ang pag-asa ay hindi makuha kuha
Isang pahayag mula sa akin
Magkaisa tayo, ipadala ang mensahe

Dalawang dekadang giyera
Nabuhay muli sa gitna ng pandemya
Dalawang dekadang giyera
Dumagdag sa problema
Dalawang dekadang giyera
Ngalan nila’y bukambibig na

Kapit lang aking kapwa
Huwag kang bibitiw
Ang araw ay lilipas din
Nandiyan na si luna, ang magpapaliwanag ng iyong gabi

Rinig mo pa rin ba?
Itakip lang ang iyong tenga
Idilat ang iyong mga mata
Paano ka uunlad kung hindi mo matulungan ang iyong sarili

Kapit lang aking kapwa
Huwag kang bibitiw
Kapayapaan ay sa iyo rin
Kalayaan ay makakamit din

Ang tulang ito ay isang orihinal na komposisyon ni Karol Mabazza.

I’m Back, For Good

20 Days is a long break so I decided to write this post. It’s been a while since I updated on this blog so I wanted to tell you a story. I planned to write a follow-up post in the Balitaktakan story and the awarding, a day later but I missed the chance.

It should be about the winners of the online press conference I joined. I won 8th Place in “Pagsulat ng Balitang Pampalakasan” (Sports Writing Filipino). It was my first Online Press Conference and first time writing in Tagalog medium.

Out of 21 registrants, only 11 passed articles and all had a spot in Top 11 ranked winners. I grabbed the 8th place. I made a quick write-up 8 days ago about the Pacquiao vs Spence/Ugas bout so I won’t miss out in the month of August.

You can read it after this post. Just click the link “Previous Post”.

Back-to-back Breaks

Yes, I’m back for good. I got sick. I don’t know what happened to me. Guys, take care of yourselves. Be safe always.

As much as I wanted to write on those times, I really didn’t have the strength. My body was weak. Those were the days I thought I could continue anymore. But here I am. So I want to keep up on these posts.

This was not my first time going through a long break from posting. I did this a couple times ago. But it’s all good. I can assure you that blog posts will be filling up in my WordPress Feed in the coming days or weeks. I suddenly remembered my quota. (100 Blog Posts in 2021)

Classes started 3 days ago. Would this be hard? Will I keep up with school works and blogging? Yes and yes. I promised to myself I won’t do the mistakes I did like last time. I will try to write blogs and finish my requirements on time.

Responsibility or Time Management? Both actually. I need to improve in both cases. Managing your time wisely and being responsible. Got it.

This is my 71st blog post and 2nd in the month of August. Again, I’ll keep up on posts. I still got 11 days to make more than that.

It feels good to be back. – Karol

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